Active Bunch Network is a social network for athletes, recreationalists and anyone who wants to socialize and share experiences in sports and recreation. Website contains several basic segments: Groups, Events, Discussions, Directory and home page when a user is logged in.

Users can monitor certain events or groups, discuss and be notified when they go, about the events they have chosen. Communication between members is also provided.Directory page serve to promote athletes, trainers, for easier connectivity between athletes and sponsors.

After the event, members can write impressions about the event itself and upload pictures.

How to Upload GPS File.

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And for special occasions and accomplishments is Congrats page where you can make a congratulation card for a deserved success and share on other social networks. The website allows you to share a event, promote a group or activity on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest.

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For this project, I was engaged to solve the problem with responsiveness. The look of the site was almost done. That's why I used Bootstrap. Except for responsiveness, other functions have been added to all pages. Index and Congrats page are made by me. The code in PHP as well as the database were written by one PHP programmer with whom I still collaborate today.

Tags: HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery Bootstrap PHP